Add some sort of warning to workshop items about resource costs

My computer runs the generally runs the game quite well (pretty much max settings minus AA), but recently, while condo hopping, I’ve been loading into condos with way too many workshop items that manage to softlock my entire computer due to the sheer amount of workshop items used.
I know canvases (at least under the canvas data tab) do have some sort of warning about large size when they exceed a certain size limit, so maybe workshop items (and npcs with workshop playermodels) could have some sort of warning when exceeding certain vertex counts and material sizes/counts?
A general warning in the edit menu that workshop items are a lot more resource-intensive than normal items, and that excess use can significantly affect the condo experience for guests also seems like a good idea, since it seems like many players aren’t aware of this.

We do have plans to show in the condo server browser the amount of custom content in the condo. However, we are also working on resolving the load in stutters with workshop static models, which will help reduce the chances of a soft lock.