Add selfie mode and filters to the camera item

I think that a selfie mode on the camera would be fantastic.

I’ve had so many memories on TU that I’ve wanted to capture, but it gets pretty lonely in my photos when I’m either not in the picture or the camera is floating in front of me.

A simple animation where my hand is held out (holding the camera) would be fantastic and I think it’d add a lot of charm and more use to the camera, considering it’s currently just an item that presses F12 and F for you.

This was already thought of for the forgotten cell phone item (which I still REALLY want and could totally be an Arcade item) so I’m not sure why we can’t add it to the camera. Maybe filters could be added to the camera as well at some point? It’s a pretty useless item at the moment, and it’s more of a novelty.

Example of a selfie:

Filters were planned for the Gmod Tower camera The camera in TU leaves a lot to be desired for sure. I’m pretty sure the camera in GMT would hide the HUD when you equipped it too, at the very least that would be nice to have.