Add Poker tables as a useable, placeable condo item

Adding personal placeable poker tables (although very illegal) would be really fun to have. Selling them at the Upgrades shop, you could place them in condos and maybe have personalization options (changing the minimum bet, choosing to not play with units or simply changing the color). This would make Condos alot more useful and not just be a hangout spot to waste units on. They could be very expensive (100k a table) or something like that, but I think it would be a really nice addition. Thoughts?
Also, I know devs have more important stuff to work on, so this isn’t me saying “aDD tHiS iMmEDiAtELy”, just a thought.

Iirc, one of the reasons that people cannot host their own lobbies is because the host can tamper with unit payouts. If poker tables were added for condos, I imagine this would be a concern as well. The only way I can see this being implemented is if there are no actual units being spent.


Kinda takes away some of the point of going to the plaza, an issue already.

Nice idea, but wouldn’t be needed.


I’d like a private poker table, playing a game of poker that is open to everyone doesn’t really appeal to me, I’d much rather play with only my friends.