Add option to control viewing distance of emitted light

There is an individual range setting for the effect of the emitted light, but the lights only display emitted light for the viewer while viewing them from within a certain distance.

I’d like to manually adjust the distance from which the effect of emitted light can be seen. I would prefer an individual control that is placed alongside the range setting for each light.

I’ve been struggling with this as well and would like something of this nature.

For interior lighting, I usually don’t have a problem if they stop rendering if they aren’t within view or far away since they’re usually behind a wall or something, but there are times where I really need a light to be permanently on no matter where its viewed from (Far off street lights, glowing objects in the sky, environmental, etc)

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I’ve been working around it using placeable spotlights. The view distance and throw distance for that one item seem to be tied to one another, which allows me to pull this off.

I don’t know if it’ll stay that way in future updates since there’s inconsistency in the controls across various lights, though.