Add new milestones (Condo Bowling Alley!)

Bowling gives you nothing tangible after 500k. Sure, you get trophies, but they don’t do anything in a condo. Speaking of, condos are boring and have nothing to really do in them besides watch TV. It’s a big ask to have people stay in your condo for a long period of time outside of niche cases.

So the solution to help both these problems is simple: Give us a single bowling lane as a milestone for like 750k xp or whatever. It could give no payout or a massively reduced one, that’s not the point. It’s just a way to promote interactivity and provides a bit of longevity to the average condo visit, and makes a good starting point for giving us more activities within a condo AT ALL. This is my preferred suggestion I want added to the game.

Another milestone suggestion is to give us a new ball at 1M like in the other minigames, e.g. a diamond or cosmic bowling ball. The gold bowling ball is easily purchasable via units, so it’ll give people truly dedicated to bowling something to show off.

The last milestone suggestion I have is for bowling alley screens: At 600k or 800k or whatever amount of XP, you can unlock new animation sets for spares and strikes. The staff will “play your favorite screen” whenever you bowl that perfect line!