Add more game facilities in the Condos

Add more computer models - TU computer is monotonous

Add Pool table - You can buy back condos to play with friends

super hockey

Tetris in the condos

Super Mario in the condos

Music rhythm -You can use the arrow keys to play

Hoping to add more Condos rides
This game is mainly in the Condos
If you add more amusement facilities at home you can play with friends!
maybe You can even play a game on the computer screen of an Condos!
This will allow more people to gather in the Condos, socialize

Now only with friends to see the movie :frowning:

Kind sir, I assure you that the Turbo Potato is indeed the finest gaming PC around.

Jokes aside, the condo (“apartment”) could definitely use more things to do


What did I even just read

I think he means to suggest adding a few items that can be played as a minigame.

While I like this idea, since the TU community is really small, it would be better to have them at the arcade for the moment to increase socializing in the lobby. Maybe if TU ever gets big enough, we could add them to the condos as well.

Workshop will let people add more computer models and other things like the home consoles if they want.

Billiards is planned to be available only in the Condo.

The arcade API will let people play 2D games in the Condo.

I hope to add some more Condo games in the future, Fishing will be one of them.


I love the sound of all that. Definitely looking forward to all that

yes you are right

thanks! I look forward to tower unite updates

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I updated my article you can see

My English is very bad sorry