Add mini map to group

it will only show up when you hit Tab or Q (like the detail of what area a person in your group is in), but it will be useful in order to see where you and the “LADS” are.
The mini map i made is a bit SHIT but it gives off the point that im making,
just an extra little thing to make grouping with people better so you know exactly where every is, you could even have it so when you click the mini map in Q or Tab it makes it bigger (like 50% - 80% of the screen) allowing you to see everyone better.

That’s a neat idea.


i was also thinking that people may not like the idea of having this when the virus milestone is a less powerful version, maybe with the virus milestone, it will override it and make it in the a virus themed mini map and show the people in your group with their profile pics, but also show other players as red dots, (like the normal one virus radar, but it shows the hole map with lines around the buildings, and icons of the group members)

like this

here are the two maps for comparison


I think if the minimap was only in the tab menu, the virus radar being at the top left like normal would be fine as long as they don’t overlap

Only issue would be solving the inside of buildings. As you might know, the Casino room is no where near the Casino building. So we’d have to fudge the dots a bit to make it look like they are in the actual Casino building. We’d probably also want an additional map when you’re inside a place like the Casino that shows up below the main map.


Also super side note. I am very glad Lobby 3 is some what of a rectangle shape of a map and the Tower is now in the center as it makes the map align nicer than the Lobby 2 one did.


Could simply mark the player as inside the Casino by putting their dot inside the Casino building. Once you enter the Casino, the map could change to a map of the inside of the building.

Additional mini mini maps is a good solution, but if your friends are in other locations:
You are outside but they’re inside, there is a Google maps type red tag showing who is in the sub area that appears at the building on the map
You are inside but they’re outside, another red tag at the exit door of the sub area

Perhaps holding Q and putting your cursor over their icon temporarily swaps the map to see their location outside as well.