Add language-specific channels to the new chat


That way, people using different languages would be able to chat with each other in peace. It’d also help reduce the amount of messages going through the main global chat channel.


good yeah.

I would love to have a chat to only nearby players too.

and a coloured chat ( with you fav color) and text bubbles over you head.


Isn’t that what the Local Chat feature does or am I getting mixed up?


i think he means like the voice chat, how you can only hear it in a certain radius, but with text


There are

Global: All Players
Local : Server you in

as i understand from the livestream… and what mac said.

i think that these 2 are little bit less?

i would like to have

Local Chat : Players Nearby
Server Chat: Server/Lobby You In
Global Chat: All Players
Language Chat: Players that speak the same language. Like Global but only with your language
Announcments: Jackpot win etc

and some other things like pm @… name / mute etc