Add an unequip button

As far as I know, there’s no way to unequip weapons without clearing a space in your hotbar. I want to be able to have a a full hotbar and the ability to unequip weapons simultaneously.

even if you have a full hotbar you’re able to drag the item downward off your bar

edit my mistake I get what you’re saying now. I re-read it like 6 times and couldn’t figure out the problem.

OK I also agree with this, because as of right now I use 2 on my picture which is just a pet so that I don’t have something else equipped. Building condos I run into that problem a lot.

i agree
when i have a bunch of items in my toolbar i would just love a permanent button to press to hold nothing without having an empty space in the hotbar
maybe the 9 key would work since it isnt used on the hotbar,


Maybe you could press the number to select a specific item on your hotbar twice to unequip it?

For example, if you have a confetti gun on your 2 slot you can press 2 to equip it and then press 2 again to unequip it.


what I do currently is have a pet in one of the weapon hotbar slots so I can select that to unequip a weapon since it’s basically a blank slot

I totally agree. Basically a “Holster” or “Sheath” button.

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