Add an option to change game type between rounds (also lower kills required to win in timer-less modes)

Pretty much all of the timer-less game types (arena, space snipers, instagib, etc) tend to drag on for a while and it can feel kind of exhausting playing 2 rounds of them in a row. IMO, for the modes that require 30 kills to end the round, they should be reduced to 15 kills by default with an option for the host to raise/lower that if they want.

Also, it would be nice if the host had the option to change the game type before the second round of the match.

I think having the option to switch gamemodes between rounds would kinda make rounds might as well not exist at that point

Personally, I think certain gamemodes should either have lower requirements (like you said) or only be one round. Every time I’ve played space snipers, I felt pretty done by the time the second round started

I feel the opposite, I wish rounds were a little shorter and we had more of them. Right now they feel like they drag a bit but I like having multiple rounds.