Add Alternate Ways To Obtain / Merge All Forgotten Remains Into One Variant

with the halloween event coming up, it made me realize how… redundant having multiple variations (2016, 2017, 2018, etc) of the remains are…

as far as i’m aware, these seem to be the ONLY items (aside from backer items) that are completely unobtainable now (even if they are practically useless to hoard)… i feel like these should all be merged into one singular variant

having all of those unobtainable variants seems a little unnecessary now and sucks a bit for the players who want them and can no longer get them since they were from years ago…

an alternate solution could be, similar to the red soda can, having new/alternate ways to obtain these previously unobtainable remains

one idea i had for that was turning all of the old remains into their own types of “ancient remains”, these remains have a higher chance to drop certain items depending on their type (something like “ancient skeleton remains” could have a higher chance/unique drop pool for only body parts just as an example)

you could rarely find these while hunting for remains on the beach, instead of picking up “normal” remains, you could have a rare chance to pick up one of those rare types

for the players that hoarded the old remains, it could benefit them as well instead of getting a thorough kick in face as now they could exchange these “rarer” remains for extra goodies, since those previously older remains could have that higher chance/unique drop pool for cool stuff

personally, i would prefer this option over merging them all into one type

tldr: having the old types of remains remain completely unobtainable (unless you were a player who played during that time) is a little silly and i feel like they should either have alternate ways of obtaining them (see full post for ideas on examples) or they should all be merged into one singular type

If all of the remains become available again it’d be nice if you could place them in your condo too, kinda like how you can with the coins for all the different events