Add ability to change capitalisation in username


this would be nice feature.

this uppercase s is driving me insane.



dude this is a mood and i feel this suggestion spiritually

because my capital s is also driving me insane


as you can see i love capitalisation, but this would be a good feature


i basically now type in lowercase because it’s easier for me so this would be better


What do you mean?


I’d like to change my name as a whole. It’s cringe. I agree anyway lol


There was another person that wanted this once.
Caboose told him to pm him about a name change, maybe he will allow you to get one.


i believe this is a problem with the forum API, and isn’t on pixeltail’s end


i actually got my name changed, it was previously oasis, i dm’d mac asking for it to be changed and well…

maybe it was because i got the new user of the month award, not sure.


I’m pretty sure you can just ask whenever you want to change it.