Add a timer for Salmon Says

Hello everyone,

If you have tried Salmon Says, you know that there aren’t any timers going on, you can think and try to remember for as long as you want to.

But here’s where the problem lies, it’s that there’s no time limit!

Anyone can just go to their Notepad or their phone’s notepad, and just type the colors in order.

The leaderboard is meaningless because of it, but here’s my suggestion on how I would fix this issue:

Add a timer that’s enough for the player to memorize, the timer becomes larger after each round, giving more time to memorize.

And also make it when the player chooses the correct color, increase the timer a bit to make it more balanced, and much more interesting than what it’s currently is.

Many thanks, everyone.

Maybe keep half the current way and half on “expert mode” with a timer? or be able to set it on normal or expert before hand with expert paying out more?

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