Add a map builder for minigolf

add a map builder for minigolf…
with multiple step :
1 Choose environment
2 Where is the hole and where is the start
3 how is the way
4 add obstacles(walls, signs, propellers …)
5 name, finish, save and maybe publish map on the community (you maybe will have a big server for that)

I hope you will accept

Baslez the french :smile: (i know my english is not very good, i hope you understood what i said :smile: )

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You’ll be able to make your own complete maps using Unreal Engine 4 and can plug into TU with their workshop compatability. I don’t really personally want maps to be like this, I’d rather people do it on their own.


Such a choose environment map builder is something I thought of. However, if something like this was ever going to be added, that would be long after EA.

Tilesets for Minigolf are boring, we already tried this last year.

Our designs are modeled 100% in external modeling programs, as it’s significantly easier.