Add a hotkey toggle for 360° item rotation


I know this has been posted in the past, but it’s been over half a year since it’s been addressed (to my knowledge) and we still seem to have this issue. I understand that having the rotation locked at an interval allows for a more consistent experience /help users align objects. However, some situations make this system result in really off-putting placements. The worst instance of this is the underwater condo, where the curved walls and weird shapes make it very difficult to place furniture in a way that looks natural. Furthermore, it seems that due to the way the rotation works and how the walls are curved, canvases placed on the wall in the underwater condo will not actually look straightened.

I propose that we add a hotkey to toggle 360° rotation. That way we can still easily align objects like before, but it also allows for better creative design space. Since this is such a huge issue for the underwater condo, maybe it could be bundled with that update? :slight_smile:


I propose that pressing a certain hotkey (like you said) would enable mouse rotation, where the object will point to where the mouse is on the screen, Sims-style. It’s always occurred to me in this way to rotate objects.


Just to add as a sort of temporary solution, you can use the Copycat tool gun to place objects at any angle. While it’s certainly not perfect it can do the odd objects here and there.


While true for most things, this does not work for canvases unfortunately. With canvases it will either copy it laying completely flat or it will copy the exact orientation if you toggle the copy rotation option. It also obviously requires the user to have 2 of any item to do to begin with, but it’s a super handy trick! Just would be nice if we didn’t need these kind of workarounds haha




It could also be like Gmod style, where you hold down shift and move your mouse and it rotates.