Add a Fleet of Space Yachts

Alright, let’s get started.

Upon making it to $50,000 on the Indiegogo campaign, PixelTail Games mentioned that if they were to raise another $10,000 they could add more beach activities; boating, finding things in the sand, etc. What I’ve got in mind for this is the ability for players to purchase different yachts with Units they earn. One yacht in particular being -

The Space Yacht.

This fully customizable luxury comes complete with all the accessories you and your friends need to explore Tower Unite.

The Illustrious Space Yacht can :

  • Fly & Roam the skies at an astonishing 30 miles per hour.
  • Host you and your guests as you travel in style.
  • Come in three unique colors : white, whiter, & whitest.
  • Double as a somewhat air-tight Submarine.
  • Function as a regular yacht (Not my favorite, but whatever floats your boat).

Other Screenshots (From Garry’s Mod) :

(Yes that is our trusty Space Cat)

Now as this might not be added to Tower Unite right away, I will certainly do all I can to upload this masterpiece to their workshop as soon as Tower Unite is under way. All models and addons are from Garry’s Mod.

You could upload this to the workshop if you’d like. I just don’t see something like this actually become a stock feature.
However I’d love to be able to actually drive boats in the boardwalk sea as a stock feature! :smiley:


Workshop can give us lots of possibilities regardind this kind of things. I like it!

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