Actual Wandering merchant

Does the wandering merchant return in tower unite? If so, can he actually walk around carrying his heavy backpack? Like merchants in skyrim who walk from town to town only now he just walks around the place.


I wouldn’t like seeing the wandering merchant disappear in tower unite. He could probably also pass through the doors in the plaza, where he enters it from the boardwalk. Same with plaza to boardwalk.

I’d like to see him just appear in out of the way/hidden places. No walking to and from, he’s just there.

How about adding alley ways, underground tunnels, hidden doors and pathways connecting all the areas of the lobby that both the players and the merchant can travel through?

Unreal 4 has an outstanding AI system that we totally can take advantage of.


The way I imagined it working was that the wandering merchant would appear hidden in places throughout the map at random intervals throughout the day and after awhile of selling his stuff he would just… wander away. This means that you can’t buy from him 100% of the time and servers would have to co-operate to find him i:e somebody finds him and screams out in chat. I think it would make the wandering merchant more interactive. Than to just have him tp to random places and be in the map all the time.

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I wasn’t necessarily saying he should be there 100% of the time. More that when he does show up he will be, say in a passage around the back of the casino, or under the (assuming it is added) tram station.