Actual gambling effect and more

so I got quite a few ideas:

  1. at the moment it seems like gambling is a guaranteed way of making units which is kind of boring lowering the chances of winning (for example 45%) would give it a much better gambling experience instead of an easy way to make units

  2. custom bets and instead of gambling with “credits” we actually use our units
    gambling with (only if you change the fact that casino is an easy way to make units) higher amounts would make the casino more fun and risky. at the moment we are at 75 units max bet. giving us higher bet sizes to a maximum of lets say 1.000 units per spin would make it much more fun because there’s actually the chance of becoming broke

  3. machines with several games
    grand quest already has that minigame with beating the dragon
    more machines which have these kind of features would be nice.
    for example machines that let you win free spins, machines that have more than 3 lines, maybe 3x5 like an actual casino and other little features that are somewhat close to a real casino

now this is not casino related anymore

being able to use skateboards, pogosticks and all those items
permanently flying around with that jetpack is boring. I’m sure lots of people would like to ride around on a skateboard or use other stuff that are items in the game but not really usuable

If gambling didnt pretty much guarantee units it’d be pretty pointless imo, especially with lowering win rates. it’s already advisable to just play the game worlds instead of gambling for units and this would make it even worse


This. The Casino, along with most attractions in TU, exists as a way of earning Units and it isn’t intended for the fictional, profit/loss immune House to come out on top.

To OPs credit point, credits are equal to a certain amount of Units described on each machine, so you are “actually betting” your units. I believe the standard conversion is 15U to 1C. Bigger betting on some machines could be fun though.

I do agree on the jetpack point; they should have limited fuel. As a method of transport, everything aerial is bad for a game where social interactions evolve from just walking around and is unhealthy for the game. It would be a controversial but beneficial change.

I’ve actually thought about this a lot, especially recently. The jetpacks are fun to fly around with but I’ve realized that if I’m not playing a game in the Plaza, I always just tend to fly around high in the sky aimlessly where i never see anyone for the most part.

This and, a much more important thing imo, the main menu, I feel go against the main point of the game, that being a party game where you and others meet up to play games or just hang out.

The reason why I dislike the main menu so much is that I feel that it makes the Plaza a lot less important to the game. It’s supposed to be the hub where all players meet together but you can just enter other people’s Condos and play the more popular games (cough Minigolf) through the main menu so I feel that, unless you wanted to play one of the games in the Plaza, it serves much less of a purpose as it once did in GMT, that being a way to connect everything together in a physical space.

If I had it my way I’d make it so the main menu mainly handled friend-related stuff like hosting your Condo, starting singleplayer/friends only games, or matchmaking servers like the Game World ports server (& maybe a Condo lobby server too rather than the current server list). Then, the Plaza could be mainly for joining public servers as well as just hanging out and playing the games in there.

That being said though, a lot of the things I mentioned here that I dislike about TU are very tied to my nostalgia for GMod Tower (the fact that you couldnt fly very far with the jetpacks in lobby 1 or GMT lobby 2 so you weren’t ever too far from anyone, & the fact that GMT had no main menu to access public game world matches from), but they’re also some of the main things that made me enjoy that game so much, since they encouraged me to hang out with other people I weren’t familiar with and just have a fun time.
These would probably be very controversial changes to make by now, since these features have remained the same since the private alpha builds of TU, but I still feel they’d make the game a lot better in the long run.

(Anyway sorry for completely derailing the casino & jetpack topics and for this reply probably feeling very all over the place, it’s just a topic about the game I’m very passionate about so I wanted to talk about it a bit)

I don’t want those little things to be changed in a way that they are permanently gone because obviously alot of people enjoy them. I want them to add few little features so people have the opportunity to switch around with the items. Its fine that jetpacks are unlimited but why are we forced to only use the jetpack? they have skateboards added in this game and I’m sure that when you check the stores in this game you would find alot of other items that should be usable but for some reason aren’t.

I definetly agree on the menu thing. Also what I hate is that ONLY via the menu you can see all the game lobbies (for example minigolf). If you can’t find people on the server starting a minigolf game with you, you are forced to disconnect and join through the menu. Why not give us the list of lobbies and the opportunity to create a new one when we are connected to a server?

We have too many servers for such a small community.

Giving it a 45% chance of winning is most likely still making profit if we are being honest here, it would just add the actual feeling of gambling because you might lose 5 spins in a row and not like it is now that you win pretty much every 2nd / 3rd spin.

I know that we are betting our Units, I meant it in way that IF WE ARE able to do bigger bets that we get displayed the amount of Units we bet instead of a Credit amount. So instead of it saying “bet size 5 Credits” it says “bet size 75 Units”.

I don’t want jetpacks to have limited fuel, I just want more items to be usable. Jetpacks having unlimited fuel is perfectly fine but I bet that some people just want to cruise around on a skateboard or whatever they add in the game.