Activated Alpha on Wrong Account

I have two accounts, one is my main account with all my games on it.
And the other which I use for non-suspicious CSGO uses.

At the time when the Alpha was released I was playing CSGO and activated it on that account.
Is it possible to transfer it over to my main account or will forever been stuck I’m my alt?

-Enjoy Cookies


I believe it’s stuck there.

Using Family Sharing on your alt and then playing the shared account on your main should work without issues.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go when its downloaded.

Didn’t work ;c

Sorry, Steam keys are one time use only.

if that didn’t work, there’s no going back.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit.

Might it be worth getting in touch with the Steam support? I’m not certain of any official policies or case-by-case decisions, but if they can verify you are the owner of both accounts they might be able to move it across manually.

I could contact steam support but it’ll be like,
"Steam Support cannot solve this issue because we’re shit, have a nice day,"

They’ve been getting better at helping people. A few minutes spent typing up a support ticket would hardly hurt, and it’s always worth a try.

They won’t do it. It’s unfortunate but just Steam Family Share it across. The reason it won’t work at the moment is because the game is not released in the Store. Once it is you will be able to play on your main.