I know items are transferred and GMC. What about achievements or are their going to be different achievements. Will achievements transfer??

Since Tower Unite is a completely separate game, most items and currency will be the only things to transfer over. If achievements also transferred over that would be a very difficult to enjoy experience, being that you got achievements or prizes as a result of doing nothing in the new game.

There will, most likely, be similar achievements in the new game, but there will be a plethora of different or new achievements.

If the achievements do transfer over it would be your choice to want them or to start fresh. Just like with the currency conversion. I would choose to transfer everything because I worked hard to earn it. Thats just me.

Whether or not ‘awards’ is referring to achievements, I don’t know.
However, it’s confirmed you /will/ be able to pick and choose what data you carry over to TU.