Achievements for Knightsend By Sea?

I don’t know why they were not included on arrival, for the achievements that all of the other maps have should be included for the newest map as well

Please read other topics before making your own, this has already been suggested and answered previously.

Was it? I am very new to the format of this website, but it looks like the most recent post here was from twelve days ago
Did I miss some form of MegaThread?

incase you’re curious


Aah. This answers my previous question I suppose!
Apologies, I will have to get used to the format here. I didn’t think to look elsewhere beyond the Little Crusaders tab
Not to be a bother, but is there anything else I should know specifically? I can look for a general guidelines post, but anything off the top of your head I should know?


Not much i can think other than the search feature in the top of the page is excellent for finding posts and threads.

We do have some “guidelines”, following them isn’t a requirement but it is nice when people do follow them so that we don’t end up with over 9000 bug reports for every bug that happens.

There are a few more in the different sections of the forum

And in case you want to see what has recently been worked on for the game you can check here