Achievement payment increase/decrease

I tried to balance some achievement payment by difficulty+time spent to get, that’s the result.

Photographer: 1,500 -> 5,000:arrow_up_small:


Meteoroid Mania:
Armageddon 10,000 -> 5,000 :arrow_down_small:
ITEOTWAWKI: 5,000 -> 10,000:arrow_up_small:

ITEOTWAWKI more luck-based than Armageddon.

Gone Fishin’: 10,000 -> 25,000:arrow_up_small:
A Rare Find: 10,000 -> 5,000 :arrow_down_small:

For catching one of Rare Fish you get same amount of units as for 100 of any kind of fish, that’s just ridiculous.

Trivia Millionaire: 10,000 -> 25,000:arrow_up_small:
Trivia Brainiac: 10,000 -> 25,000:arrow_up_small:
Trivia Show Off: 1,500 -> 5,000:arrow_up_small:
Drop and Roll!: 1,500 -> 5,000:arrow_up_small:

Millionaire and Brainiac are two hardest Trivia achievements to get, it takes much time and requires knowledge… or typing speed to search for right answer.

Tournament Bowler: 5,000 -> 10,000:arrow_up_small:
No Time To Spare: 5,000 -> 10,000:arrow_up_small:
Keeping The Gutters Clean: 1,500 -> 5,000:arrow_up_small:

Laser Tag:
Apprentice: 1,500 -> 5,000:arrow_up_small:
Terminator: 5,000 -> 10,000:arrow_up_small:
Grim Reaper: 1,500 -> 5,000:arrow_up_small:

Laser Tag Master (x50 1st place) gives you 10,000 units, when Apprentice (x20 1st place) gives only 1,500 units.

Typing Derby:
Gone In 60 Seconds: 5,000 -> 10,000:arrow_up_small:

Silver Cat: 25,000 -> 10,000 :arrow_down_small:
Home Sweet Home: 10,000 -> 5,000 :arrow_down_small:

Silver Cat: It’s not rare as Golden Catsack and purchasable, but achievement gives you same amount of units as for Gold Cat.
For two hours of spending time in your Condo you get same amount of units as for 10 hours you spend watching TV in Condo.

Nice In!: 1,500 -> 5,000:arrow_up_small:

Ancient Mariner: 1,500 -> 5,000:arrow_up_small:

Little Crusaders:
Ultimate Cape Crusader: 5,000 -> 25,000:arrow_double_up:
Count of Knightsend-by-sea: 1,500 -> 10,000:arrow_double_up:
Knightsend-by-sea Destruction: 1,500 -> 10,000:arrow_double_up:

Unlike other “Count” and “Eat all the Knights” achievements, these two have 1,500 instead of 10,000 units as payment.

Bragging Rights: 1,500 -> 10,000:arrow_double_up:


I also would like to know your opinion about this.