"Achievement Is Broken" Report Thread


Cape Crusader and Ultimate Cape Crusader both didn’t update for me. I got an achievement in the same match that stayed so I’m fairly sure its those specifically.


Home Away from Home, Home Visitor, and Condo Explorer do not work. Visited multiple other condos and none have progressed.


Won a few games of trivia with full seats and the Trivia Show Off achievement didn’t pop.


Win a game of Bowling while playing with 3 others players.


Casino Addict doesn’t track units spent gambling. Stays at 0.


It counts on Triple Diamonds and possibly Dragon Quest, but not Wheel of Money.


Spoke to every store cashier and did not get the Socialite achievement. PATCHED IN
Stuffed Discovery unlocked when I interacted with every plushie EXCEPT the Ferris Whale.


Socialite is working now in the next patch.
It wasn’t working because it was checking if you talked to the Condo person, but she doesn’t have any dialogue.


Gotcha. Will it track and award this after I speak to the Condo Lady post-


Nah, I just removed the Condo person check.


Not a broken achievement per se, but the King of Nimbus achievement says “Beat Nimbus without dying once (excluding bonus stage).” Nimbus has no bonus stage.


Shell Aware does not pop.


Should have gotten the Trivia Show-Off achievement like 3 times but it never popped


I fixed show off in


Trivia Brainiac does not pop.


That’s fixed in as well.


Waterhole completed achievement, I played trough each hole of Waterhole but did not receive the achievement.


Weird, I just got this an hour ago. Are you connected to the back end?


Back End? @EvKem


Doesn’t work

top right of your menu it shows if you’re connected to the backend, if its the top image, try restarting, or waiting a minute or two