"Achievement Is Broken" Report Thread


You can get the “Taunting Death” achievement by taunting on the Dragon’s corpse.


“Natural Blackjack” is still not popping when I win Video Black Jack with a 21 without taking a hit.
“Three of a Kind” on video poker is also not popping (I won with 3 of a kind 5 times to make sure).
(Observed on Build 3633300 with a Green Dot)


Should probably be mentioned (if it hasn’t been already) that Solar doesn’t have its own category in Virus achievements.


I think these need a server build which is happening.


“I can see my house from here” won’t work and causes a fatal error crash screen


That crash occurs when the backend is down from restarting, the achievement works when the backend is back up.


Please advise if I should move Milestone Bugs to another thread, not sure if you want them under here as well.

9mm Virus Milestone:

  1. The gun runs out of ammo. Not sure if this is intentional, you can refill by pressing ‘k’ and respawning.
    2.No third person model of the gun seen in hand, only first person.

Aside from that its so cool to finally have this in condo and lobbies!


These 2 golf achievements dont seem to work for me at all


Thanks, I’ve fixed this now.


Ball Race “Around The World” achievement is broken, not getting it despite having all the “Visited” achievements


The second golden melon on Khromidro displays as 3/3.


No icon for Grind house


Fixed now.


Home Away From Home is not working for me either. Ive visited a friends condo, and multiple random condos and nothing.


Natural blackjack achievement isnt working, ive gotten a natural blackjack like 3 times and have not gotten it yet


I also dont think casino addict is working, i’ve spent plenty on the slot machines yet i still have this:


Getting a strike on the final frame of bowling gives the “Turkey Dinner” achievement.


-Ride the Coaster
-Coaster Addict (stopped counting coaster rides after it hit 4)
-Ultimate Devourer (got 100/100 when achievements weren’t working at all, haven’t been able to get it since)
-Quick Draw (same as above)
-Float Denier (not counting my balloon pops)
-Casino Addict (not counting units spent)


Flushed Away isn’t counting flush wins.

Edit: I mixed up flush and full house, can’t confirm whether it works or not.


Ride the coaster isn’t being achieved even after riding it multiple times.