Account Question

Hi i’ve been with GMTower for since the old lobby and been with it for a good bit now.

My question is there anyway i could transfer donator data or game data to another account on steam? for example. I have this one account were i was awarded a donator trophy and a old lobby plate, but i had another account i wanted things to be on. Can i transfer data onto that account somehow? would this need to in control of admins? i haven’t played or been into GMTower for awhile now because of Tower Unite coming so just a question.

Yes, this can be done, but you may require the assistance of @macdguy.

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i guess i’m better off starting from scratch lol

But why? It wouldn’t take long to contact Mac, and he’d be more than willing to help!

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This is definitely something staff can handle. While I’ve never heard of such a thing happening, never say never!

PM me and I’ll look into it.

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