Accessory position in customization menu

As of right now, the only way to change the position on which your accessories like hats and stuff appear on your model is to do it through the workshop editor. Which is highly inefficient as different accessories work better at a position than others. My suggestion is to completely remove changing where accessories appear from the editor and move it into the customization menu. This would allow the player to freely position the accessory the way they think is best for that particular accessory (Currently, I have a problem where 1 hat would prefer 1 position, but the other a completely different position).

As an extension, if at some point multiple accessories of the same type are allowed to be used, then having the ability to move the accessories around in the customization menu and not the workshop editor would be crucial.

i’ve seen this suggestion around and i’ve still never really understood the premise behind it, since the only issue is if the person who uploaded the workshop model incorrectly set their offsets

i feel like it’d easily start to become a hassle and just over complicate things too, where if you change your model you’ll have to reposition your offsets once more which then completely invalidates the purpose of this suggestion since the uploader already had this responsibility

the best solution probably is per-item offsets for the workshop editor, so the uploader can set offsets for each accessory individually, which IS a planned feature

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I don’t see people wanting to go back and update every single model they’ve uploaded to take advantage of this feature.
And that would also mean updating the models every time more assessories are added to fix anything broken. That is far more of a hassle than simply moving some glasses for a few seconds everytime you change a model.

A combination of both would be ideal. The basic positioning on the model itself in the workshop editor with additional per accessory modifications possible in the customization menu. Like mention in the original post. I have 2 hats, and they both need completely different offsets.

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that’s why there would be fallbacks so that if a specific hat doesn’t have the new offsets it’d just use the old ones

i believe that per-item offsets has been stated multiple times before that it is a planned feature that mac has been wanting to get around to, and it will solve this issue exactly since you can just set a unique offset for every hat in the workshop editor

sure, not everyone will go back and update their models but you can always just ask them and it’d still be a hundred times less complicated

this is just an issue that is already going to get solved in time in a simpler manner

There’s a lot of older models still very popular that are broken when it comes to accessories, and I just don’t see them getting updated. (i’ve never seen a cigarette fit a custom model ever)
So just letting the player do it themselves sounds far more reasonable in that regard.
I get the arguement, but I’d also prefer the option to do it myself if the model creator isn’t available or just doesn’t want to.
Sounds like an understandable request to me. Whether it can be done, I dunno.

to me it just all seems to come down to too much of a super specific circumstance case, having it only be viable and useful where a wearable doesn’t fit properly and the workshop creator hasn’t or won’t update their model to have per-item offsets, which (at least from my experience) seems to be a relatively small minority of workshop models where the wearables look horrible or the workshop creator refuses to listen to people

it just narrows it down to such a specific circumstance that i don’t see making a lot of sense to add on to/overcomplicate a feature that will already be solving the issues at hand

i’m not sure, it seems like something that could work but with the current plan already being to add the workshop offsets i’m not sure if they’d tack more onto that, i could be wrong though

Well personally i use my own model. So per item offsets in the workshop editor is fine to me as well. It is however a bit tedious to have to restart the game (especially rn where the only preview is the tophat so you need to eyeball it)

well, you’d be able to preview the specific hats in the editor anyways so you wouldn’t need to guess at all, i don’t think that’d be a problem?

plus you’d only have to do that once like, EVER to update your cache on one model