Accessories Scaling, Offset, and Rotation.

With the majority of players using workshop avatars, sometimes it can be a pain to have the perfect avatar, but be unable to accessorize it and make it your own. Sometimes the glasses don’t fit, or the hat floats above its head, or the particle effects spawn from its feet.

If accessories could have a system similar to the position, rotation, and scaling options for items in the condo, I think a lot of people would appreciate it. Of course there would need to be limits so people don’t have hats the size of a skyscraper or anything crazy like that.

If you mean personal offsets for people using the model? I’m pretty sure this has been suggested several times already, not sure if it has been addressed however.
For workshop creators this is already a thing, before you upload a model you can change the offsets of items in the editor, this just applies the same offsets to the model for everyone who uses it (and there’s always at least one accessory that doesn’t fit)

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