Accessibility: Focus Mode

Or as I like to call it,


Anywho, it’s a sound mode to shut off all arcade game’s attract modes / ambiance / game play from all other players. I can’t play the Dragon’s Treasure coin pusher without Coin River blasting its music.

If I want Coin River playing music, I’d do it selectively. But I know, it’s an arcade.

/plays arcade rhythm games with headphones plugged in them

EDIT: Classify as accessibility, as it could help people with extrasensory issues play arcade games.

I suggested this a while back, one of the things I mentioned was that, while it may ruin some of the ambience of the arcade, can also give you a chance to hear all the specific sounds or music in an individual game. I didn’t know Avalanche had a song tied to it until after playing several thousand games of it because it was so drown out by Dizzy, The Offering, Birde Feeders, and the overall soundscape of the arcade. Another thing is that being able to hear the game in something like Stack 'Em is really useful, but there are a bunch of loud machines in the surrounding area, and it’s probably worse now that Phase 2 is out. Having a focus mode for what I’d consider the most focus-based thing in Tower Unite as a whole would be nice.

I think something like this would be ideal to have be a slider, so you can have other machines be still audible but not as loud or you could turn it to 0 if you want it off completely.

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Which has led to one of the GOAT quotes on this forum.


i remember this being a thing, am i crazy or was it removed

Yes i would like that to! Sometimes its really nois if there are lots of players it will drive you crazy.

I think a more general version of this feature could be to separate foreground effect sound volume from background effect sound volume.

For example, using metal detector with 100% foreground and 0% background would mean that you can still hear the beeping, but you can’t hear the person next to you shooting his gun or the waterfall. Likewise, you would hear your current arcade machine but not others.