Accelerate w/ latency issues

Currently, whenever I (and I hope I’m not the only one experiencing this) play in any online lobby, there is constant lag and input delay. Sometimes the lag will teleport me all over the place or ruin a perfect drift I was trying to go for. I understand that Accelerate is in Alpha, but this is the only game in Tower Unite that I have these problems, none of the other game worlds have latency issues to this extent. The game world is amazing, but with the latency in most lobbies, I tend to just play it locally in singleplayer. Are there plans to improve this in the feature, or should I expect it to stay the same?

(I know the recent devlog mentioned the next update also having something to do with connectivity, so maybe my questions will be answered soon enough?)

Not to burst your bubble, but the connectivity thing is about the interconnectedness of the Plaza, Condo, and Game Worlds, not latency/internet related stuff