[Accelerate Suggestions] Improvements to Accelerate vehicles workshop editor

Here’s some ideas for improvements to editing Acelerate vehicles in workshop editor:

  1. Adding the possibility of adjusting exhaust smoke locations (if smoke exhaust is already implemented at all, which I’m not sure if it is but I don’t recall it being there)
  2. Even though we are going to be able to buy premade custom parts for vehicles to customize them, possibly a chance for workshop parts items, eg. Workshop Wheel, etc. that allows you to use your own vehicle parts
  3. Support for adding and customizing positions of braking/tail lights on back end of the vehicle. Having front lights but not braking/tail lights is quite awkward
  4. Possibly being able to hide front and braking/tail lights (if implemented/added from point 3) for vehicles that don’t have lights on their model

Also a bugfix suggestion, not sure if this is intended behavior or not:
The boost effect is always displayed lower than the position you put it in on the model when you are actually boosting in the game during a race