[Accelerate] Map: Chromatica Starway

Considering the fact that we now have a total of 6 Accelerate Tracks in the game/development (2 Completed, 2 Halfway done, and 2 in the works), let’s take a moment to look at the various themes we have:

Pine Valley: A simple, standard race track through the forest, with ample natural detail and simple layouts.

Bedzoom: A toy Racetrack zooming up, down, and around, with hard turns and corners, and a variety of alternative routes.

Sunrise Isles: A tropical map surrounded by the Sea, currently halfway finished, but still fun to drive around on. (Just avoid the lava streams from the active Volcano!)

Wishy-washy Waterfall: A serene map with a sort of futuristic hovering track, taking place in a mystical valley full of waterfalls and ancient ruins.

Moon City: A WIP map that takes place in a bustling city! Try to avoid the traffic as you curve around sharp corners and other obstacles!

Archenemypelago: A faithful recreation of GMT’s Drift Island, Race around through a secret island base of the Mad Genius, Dr. Nefarious!

With these themes in mind, I’d like to propose a new track for Accelerate, one that I think everyone here can get behind:

A Rainbow Road-esque track called Chromatica Starway.

Basically, you’re zooming around in space on a Rainbow-colored track, drifting around stars, weaving around asteroids, and being careful of the low gravity that you don’t overshoot your jumps! This map also features some Anti-gravity elements with Loop-de-loops and inverted sections!

A lot of the map assets can be drawn from BR_Prisim and BR_Event Horizon too, as the asteroids from the former and the art style of the latter can combine very well in my view.

Ultimately it’s up to the devs on this, but I’d really like to see a challenging Rainbow Road style map that can be fun, but also fill players with dread on seeing it selected as the next map.

Oh I love this idea. The Rainbow Road tracks are always my faves in Mario Kart

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if i was in charge of making a rainbow road-esque track i would name it Space Race personally. because like the thing that yknow people did in the 60s or whatever. yknow. and its like racing in cars in space

I think it would be better to avoid a straight Rainbow Road calque and make a map that has similar gameplay but with a diferent theme.

Then what’s the point lol? It’s a parody of Rainbow Road, not a copy. Also I’d like to point out that there’s no cohesive Rainbow Road design since it changes significantly from game to game, so honestly so long as it’s in space and we’re riding on a Rainbow, it can be designed however.