Accelerate controls

Hey, I was playing it (i know its in alpha!)

but the controls felt awkward to use. Could there be any possilbity to remap the controls in the future?

i feel it would be better if

right click- drift
space bar- use item

I disagree. Most things in Tower Unite have keybinding available though, if that’s not working yet it’ll probably be implemented before Accelerate exits alpha or beta.

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I like left click for using an item and space for drift, so basically how it is now. (space bar is used for drifting in a lot of games)

Definitely need controller keybinds, RT for drift and A for gas is insane to me, 25 years of gaming has taught me RT is gas and LT is handbrake, I need to rebind this I’m going mad fighting my instincts. I just played Sonic Hedgewad Racing the other day and it has the RT/LT control scheme for exmaple. And yeah I know those are Mario Kart keybinds, but I’m pretty sure Mario Kart also has control schemes you can change and one of which was RT/LT controls.

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Was excited to use controller for this but yeahhh default layout is weird.

I’ll look into adding controller schemes.


My first instinct was to hit shift to drift, which will be a thing with the next patch!