Accelerate Battle Mode

I’ve already done some searching on the topic, and I’ve come to understand Accelerate is not supposed to be a direct translation of Source Karts. I also understand racing is the primary focus, especially in Alpha. But the idea of Battle mode from Source Karts returning in Accelerate really excites me. It was fun! I’d like to suggest its return, if it’s not already planned (from what I can tell it is not).

IIRC in Source Karts after the two tracks a round of Battle mode took place, and I’d see it returning in the same fashion, with a themed battle arena for each map. Mutators (which I’d definitely see being implemented before this) could be added for extra lives, or just disabling it altogether for people who want to just race and be done.

Id love battle mode separate. I think it should be distinct from mutators though, like a second mode. It’s too big a change for the mutator system IMO.

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GMT had a battle mode round after the racing rounds (like the ones in TU) so it could just be like that

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I was never really a fan of this way of going about it, I feel like theyre 2 pretty different modes and I doubt everybody wants to play a round of battle after their race (or a race before their round of battle)


The idea this time around was for us to make battle maps and that’ll start battle mode separate from racing tracks.


Awesome! Even though the idea of a Bedzoom or WWWaterfall themed battle arena is super exciting, this is still a perfect way to go about it while also opening up more design space and I’m just beyond happy to hear battle mode is returning at all.

Thanks for the reply Mac :heart:


This seems like a great way to fit them in, but I am curious - How will this divide reflect on continuous play and plaza port lobbies? Would it use map votes as a democratic decision with the higher % mode being pulled from? While I really like the current Mario Kart style roulette map vote screen, I don’t think random chance is healthy in terms of choosing modes.

Our map vote system has been highest voted always wins, it just does the roulette animation but it’ll always land on the most popular vote, unless there is a tie.


Isn’t that kind of besides the point for having a roulette animation thingy then? I always thought it was actually random and I feel that it being random would simply be more fun.