About Tower Unite and Gmod Tower

After seeing the more recent updates and constantly looking at the trello for what’s coming next I have noticed that Tower Unite is slowly becoming (an even better version of) Gmod Tower.

With the upcoming introduction of Arcade/Upgrades/Fishing/Achievements/Community Condos, I become even more excited!

I’m hoping the game grows very much and thanks to the devs for working so hard! :smiley:


In my opinion, Tower Unite surpassed GMTower when it added Workshop support and emotes. I think that was the point where TU began to have that same community interaction aspect to it that made GMT special. Everything we get from here on out will only make the game better, and I’m especially excited to see achievements/arcade/community condos finally come to fruition :smiley:


And lo and behold, this is the game’s true purpose.

You see, long ago, our dedicated team of developers realized an undeniable truth:

Source fucking sucks shit.

And thus Tower Unite was born.


it was more like

Source is alright and pathed the way to games being great.
but it is limited in its powers, so we must go for something stronger that can deal with what we want it to do, but we still do appreciate source for how it allowed us to do what we have done.
And now we go on to something even greater!!!


Things that Tower Unite has that GMT didn’t:

Emotes Good emotes
Different condo layouts
Tower Express
Color-able furniture
Adjustable lighting
Portable condo tools

And that’s just off the top of my head. It makes me laugh when I still hear people say that GMT was better. Nah, this is what GMT had initially set out to be if you ask me. Source engine was definitely the bottleneck for how far the concept could be pushed.


GMT had emotes.

Whoops, my bad. I completely forgot. :man_facepalming:

Don’t forget being able to change surfaces and roof in default condo

And in every other condo too.

I’m just waiting on more emotes. I want the flex one so we can get the new friend porno.

To add on,

The XP system they just showed in the discord looks amazing!

Not having to pay just to see your full condo. WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT I HAVE TO PAY TO SEE MY POOL?


Don’t forget to mention that you don’t lose your items if your condo save decides to corrupt itself.

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I’m glad we have Jeff still

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I love TU as a game, but nothing is ever gonna recapture that GMT feel for me because of all that happened during it’s year of being up for me. Though I’m gonna go ahead and say that those feelings and more will be pretty much replicated with time in TU.

I love TU. I love GMT.

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