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I feel like this has to be said since we’re getting a lot of suggestions right here without people thinking before posting.

Mac stated that “All suggestions are welcome” (which is true) but we all know that some suggestions have no chance of getting accepted at all.

To suggestors: Don’t let me prevent you from suggesting anything, this thread is just a guideline. ALL suggestions are still welcome!

When making a suggestion, please check the following:

Has your idea been suggested by another person yet?
Even Mac said this, check the Suggestions forum first
A list of everything confirmed for Tower Unite Further check this thread for anything that has been confirmed already and hence doesn’t have to be suggested again

Will your suggestion meet the requirements of a social game?
You can’t expect your suggestion to be accepted if it is something like “Let us slice people open and eat their innards”. Tower Unite is supposed to be a social experience, always keep that in mind when suggesting.

Is what I am going to suggest really necessary?
Do we really need a giant green unicorn that blocks our way to the theatre every 5 minutes? Tower Unite doesn’t need stuff that is completely useless and makes no sense at all. If your suggestion is just silly but might still be useful, suggest it anyways. Maybe it’s good.

Will the devs understand what I’m suggesting right there?
Please be clear and specific about what you want to be added. That also makes it easier for people to decide if they want it added or not. If you can’t explain it in words (some people don’t have English as their native language), draw it!

I hope all of this makes sense. If the Devs or a Moderator feels like one of these things on the list is wrong, please correct it!

Pretty certain that considering something a “low-quality suggestion” is extremely subjective. I believe the developers know what to look at, what to seriously consider, and what to chuckle at for being humorous. If they perceived there to be an issue with the current state of the Suggestions forum, I think they’d have said something :wink:


Yeah sorry, maybe that wasn’t quite the right word for it. And like I said, this is merely a guide. No one has to follow it but it would still be good because I have some pretty valid points there.

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All suggestions have the right to be suggested in my opinion.

The people who suggest duplicate things carelessly also probably won’t read this thread.

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My savior

This is what I originally made my other thread about but I couldn’t find the right words for it. I’m glad that the developers actually do know what is just off the wall silly and what would fit within the aspects of a social game, so I’m not actually so worried about it.