About the migration of Inventory, Exp & Achievements

I was wondering about the migration your going to implement for inventory, achievements and exp.

I really hope it will not open the gates to Steam Achievement Manager ?
SAM is a software than can unlock 99% of any games achievements on Steam except some games like Tower Unite, New World etc …

Actually you can’t unlock Steam achievements in Tower Unite with this software because it’s granted from the Steam server I believe ?

You mentionned a migration for the achievements so I guess you are going to change the way they are granted, like moving from Steam to your own system, so I’m afraid it will break the actual protection that was in place.

Could any of the devs clarify what will happen I would really appreciate.

SAM already doesn’t work for receiving unit/ticket bonuses from achievements (or unlocking them in-game at all, I think?) so I doubt it’d start working for that when the devs start to rely on steam even less for achievements than they already do

I’m not sure I’m following you :neutral_face:

You mention not having the possibility to receive units and ticket or have doubts about unlocking achievement using SAM, actually you can’t do any of that whatsoever, you can’t edit any statistics or unlock any achievements with SAM, and thanks god that’s why I make this thread :relaxed:

Why it wouldn’t start working (so SAM unlocking achievements for Tower Unite) if you rely even less on Steam ?

At first glance without any knownledge I would say this will remove entirely the protection because this feature is tied to the Steam servers .

Again I’m not entirely sure, maybe they are doing something totally different than I think but when you read the status they say “We’re continuing to plan out our move away from Steam for Inventories, EXP, and Achievements” it’s quite clear.

Well, SAM literally stands for Steam Achievement Manager. It is made for changing achievements, stats, etc. on Steam. Since Pixeltail is working to stop relying on Steam for any of their backend systems, SAM should not work at all on Tower Unite.

OH I understand why you’re saying all of this now.

Unfortunately this is not how it works, the game will not disappear from Steam right ?

We can both agree on that as it’s the main and only available platform to buy Tower Unite, so Steam achievements will still remains in place and I’m afraid they will be unprotected with the incoming changes.

I guess the migration is mainly to fix the ingame achievements, not the steam achievements, with the actual issue happening since 1 week, you still unlock the ingame achievements but when you disconnect from the game and reconnect without having your profile synced, the ingame achievements are locked again and you can unlock them again, this is what they are trying to fix with this change.

If what I think happens, Steam Achievements will be granted locally like another games that are not protected from SAM.

It’s an issue for achievements hunters like me, because Tower Unite is one of the very few games that have real achievements that can’t be unlocked in one click, so in the various achievements website (Astats, Completionist, Steam Hunters, etc…), these achievements are very valuable and grants a lot of points because a very % of the playerbase have unlocked them, some achievements like “I’m Having a Key Stroke” have been unlocked by 0.01% of the playerbase, you never see a such low amount on any others Steam games that are not protected from SAM, they are all at 0.2% minimum because there is a lot of SAM users that unlock them instantly.

It’s not a big issue for most of the players because a few people care about that and I totally understand, I’m just curious as if what I think will happen or not :relaxed:

You’ll still be able to buy the game on Steam, it’s just that the game’s backend systems for stuff like achievements, stats, exp, and inventory will be moved from systems pre-made by Steam to ones made specifically for TU

My sentence about Steam disappearing from Steam was not a question, I know that it will stays on Steam.

Anyway I think I made myself enough clear, I will wait for any devs to answer my doubts, thank you Spoon !

They will still not be able to use SAM. We will have our own achievement backend that will sync to Steam, they will still be server side achievements that SAM cannot unlock.


To add onto Mac’s statement,

All we’re going to be doing is tracking achievements on our end, so in the event that for whatever reason Steam doesn’t issue Achievements, we already know who actually achieved what.