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For all support questions regarding Tower Unite Linux client.

Linux Client News

@Caboose700 has been looking into issues with the Linux Client. These issues started occurring due to a change that Epic made in Unreal Engine 4.18. Over the course of this week, he fixed the dependency issue that was causing the Linux Client to not boot.

However, he was unsuccessful in his attempts to fix the loading issues. Upon further research, he found that some people were having success with disabling ASync Loading and the Event Driven Loader, two very powerful systems which help Tower Unite load about 2x faster than without them enabled. He tried conducting tests with building version of the Linux Client which had these systems disabled, only to be hit by a roadblock where the game would then segfault.

Unfortunately, the Linux Client is one of the lowest priority portions of our game at this time, and until we are able to get this fixed, the Tower Unite Linux client will be pretty much useless. We can’t give an estimate when we can get around to fixing this issue, but do know that it will be on our list, and should the worse come to pass and it not get resolved beforehand, getting both the Linux Client and the Mac OS X client of Tower Unite up and running will be our top priority after Early Access release. We apologize immensely for this inconvenience to our players on the Linux platform for this downtime.