About the future of TU's movement mechanics

Since the current movement is pretty limited to just running, jumping and crouching, i’m curious if theres any plans for adding new mechanics to the game such as going prone, tac sliding, or maybe even wall jumping for example?

They could spice up parkour and adventure condos nicely. Maybe SDNL movement could be an toggleable option for Movement Volumes? New movement mechanics would also have a huge impact on PvP, which is already surprisingly fun no matter how simple it is atm.

And yeah before anyone mentions it, I know you don’t have an dedicated animator atm, so that would definitely make implementing something like this more difficult.


oh my god yes. if we’re getting more; the one I REALLY want is being able to grab edges and being able to run to slide like this!!



A “Mirror’s Edge” type movement mode could pave way to some interesting condo designs, as well as a whole new gameworld of its own.


Imagine trying to do parkour while wearing VR headdsets without actually doing parkour, yeah that would be painfull