About the currencies?

I was speaking to a friend on skype about Tower Unite and he brought up that our currency, and items will transfer to Tower Unite (Unless if they are not available, which in this case they will be transferred to your Tower Unite account as Units).

Can someone confirm this is the case?
Also what is the ratio for GMC to Units when they are transferred? because my friend also told me Units are worth a lot more than GMC.

When you boot up Tower Unite and you have an existing GMod Tower account, it will prompt you with a conversion window.

From there the converter will match items, awards, etc. that exist in Tower Unite. If an item or award does not exist in Tower Unite, it will credit you the full GMC worth of it, but in Units (the new currency).

As for your GMC, it will transfer into Units. There may be a transaction adjustment, similar to different currencies in real countries, to appropriately scale the value for Tower Unite’s new economy.

The converter will only require user confirmation. It will neatly and graphically show every conversion made.

The conversion will only occur once per account.


Thank you this is probably the most elaborate and clear answer I’ve ever received.

That’s an answer in the FAQ forums, I just copied & pasted, but HEY I still helped you! :smiley:

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