About the Catsack Plush

Just wanted to ask, will the catsack plush ever get a rerun in the future or is this the only chance to ever get it? Doesn’t matter when to me, just wanna make sure whether or not I’ll have an opportunity to get it another time or if this is the only time I’ll be able to


Makeship only makes one batch, so this is the only guaranteed time you will be able to get the Catsack plush, unless they let us do a re-run of the plushy. Re-runs are only if the plushy was really popular and there’s not a guarantee we will be able to do a re-run of the plushy.

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Maybe you guys could work with a different team to bring it back at some point, unless there’s some legal agreement or anything like that that makes this hard or not possible? I was really considering getting one but with the limited time it was available, I didn’t quite have enough cash to get it. Please, do give this another consideration in the future and sorry for reviving old question.