About more amusement rides?

I’m very sorry if this suggestion I’m talking about is an outdated topic. But I searched the forum and found no similar topic.

I’ve always thought TU was the best carnival game I’ve played so far, but I’m wondering why Plaza is missing a couple of the typical carnival rides, we’ve got roller coasters and ferris wheels, we’ve even got Surf. But no Carousel, Giant stride,Corsair, or Pendulum ride.


Just a joke,no carnival is complete without a carousel~ I’ve even seen a completed carousel in a screenshot of one of the Virus maps. What kept our team from including these classic amusements for TU? These physical features I thought roller coasters and ferris wheels were already implemented, am I wrong?

Oh, and I actually searched for a discussion of the Pendulum, but it seems to have been terminated. That’s so sad~

I’m sure there’s a reason for this, but as a newcomer to the TU community in 2023, I’m hoping for some knowledgeable seniors to clear up the confusion.I sincerely hope that TU will one day be a huge carnival with fantastic nights!

YEA i agree; tower unite is the best carnival game ever; i’d love to see more rides as well in future!! all of these are great additions; swing is one of my fav rides and would love to see it get added someday!! :slight_smile:


California’s Indoor “Space” Rollercoaster (existing proof)


I rode the Poseidon rollercoaster and It was neat since I first played the game. But since I traveled to Disneyland to ride Space Mountain, I think the track layout and musisc are enjoyable for people who wanted to visit and ride here.

But since the Poseidon rollercoaster has already added in Tower Unite, here are the existing proof for the ride’s structure, track layout, and diagram.

Approve it or not, the devs will putting on hold for more amusement rides in Tower Unite. :person_shrugging:

Edit: Although the original ride’s prototype name was “Space Trip”, and I think this “not-to-be-added or replaced in Tower Unite” will actually fits to avoid having an exisiting name from Disney theme parks.

Oh, and, Happy 4th of July to all Amercians who played Tower Unite. :us: :fireworks: :hamburger: :tada:


First of all I love the picture of the carnival you used. It makes me hope that someday the plaza’s boardwalk will be as colorful as this place.

The pendulum ride does not appear to have been terminated. It is only shelved and has to be remade from the ground up. Someday it will be ready.

As for other rides, I have also suggested that they implement the dragon carousel seen in Virus Theme Park.

I believe the reason why many rides are not present right now is because they would be large moving entities consuming boardwalk space and impacting plaza performance.

They were also focusing on games more than rides.

Then again, I’m sure smaller rides of a simpler design, such as the Viking ship, could minimize these potential performance issues.

Furthermore, if they do happen to make the cut, perhaps they could be added as miniature milestone items as well, like the Ferris wheel, or be sold in the Toy Stop.

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