About loosing units

So I’ve noticed it’s way too common for people to complain about them loosing all their units, this is a very known issue and is usually due to a certain steam service going down. Time and time again people have submitted the same bug report complaining that they lost all thier units only for a few hours later for thier units to go back again.

My suggestion is to wait a day or two, check on the discord chat to hear if there is any steam issues and if you continue to have no units then make a bug report.

Sorry for being salty, hopefully one of the devs will make an official post of this at some point.


I hope it doesn’t hurt too much to reply to a simple note thread.
You are not being salty at all, atleast you are not giving me such an impression. Your post is completely fine, just wanted to let you know so you don’t feel guilty.


Apparently they’re looking for an alternative for Steam for hosting Units.

yeah I heard about that, I can defently see why they would want to lol

We’ve made an official post like months ago: http://steamcommunity.com/app/394690/discussions/0/358415738179390791/

derp, I never really look at the steam discussions