About Indiegogo Funding

I funded Tower Unite (Yay me c:) and uhh… I funded it just using a email, I never signed up, and the weird part is… It didn’t ask me to create an account, so I was assuming they were just going to send an email to either sign up or show that you funded it.

Now that I’ve went through all the credit card information n’ such, I’m to the point where I got 2 emails, one about the funding and one about subscriptions, assuming that’s the “Activate your account” kinda thing. Clicking on the button inside of it. Now it asks me to put in my current password, and put in a new password like I’m changing my password.

I do not have an account with Indiegogo and as you can see of what I’ve said above, I used my email funding this project. Do I need to do other things like showing proof or giving some details to receive the rewards?

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Whatever email you used to fund it, they will send an email out to it whenever the rewards / confirmation is ready. I assume it is then when you will put in your steam ID and such.

Alright, thanks for your possible answer!

EDIT: I recently got a password change email, so that’s good.