Ability to wear hats normally


I think in the future there should be an option to wear hats and such in a non goofy way, because the giant hats hovering above my head is not something I find appealing


This problem is mainly due to the current offsets. The way the wearables are positioned on players.

But yeah most of the offsets are pretty terrible imo, the glasses still clip super badly with the minigolf ball. I’ve been wanting this to be fixed personally for so long. However it’s not a priority, the devs want to focus on character customization last so it doesn’t get in the way of new gameworlds and new content in the plaza/condos.


I really want to fix hat offsets. Our system we use now is very basic and doesn’t allow for per hat per model offsetting.

That’s why the Minigolf ball hats aren’t the best.


Maybe allow wearable positions to be edited by players? I agree with changing the default offset positions, but the ability to change where a wearable is on you would be nice too. Or maybe possibly the option to scale them to our needs instead, idk.