Ability to switch to old computer model

The new model is fancy, but scales much smaller and looks quite different (not as faded, which I built my computer desk setup on, yet the keyboard itself is still faded). Also, I used a Turbo Potato to represent the actual computers for the screens to connect to, so that part of the new model is redundant (and leaves the screen to be a lot smaller).

Can there be a way to switch between model versions, have the other computer model be a separate item, or make it so the computers are interactible instead of screens?

This is what my desk looked like:

The old monitor and keyboard are already available as separate items. They’re the CRT Monitor and Old Keyboard, both sold at Central Circuit.

CRT Monitor is only a media player though, and since the Computer item does nothing, this combination doesn’t suffice. I want to use it to play DOS games.

Ultimately, the best solution would be to make the Computer item into a game console, or add a new variant that’s a game console. Yeah, I may as well put another Workshop Console if there’s an old computer model on there, but I prefer to avoid an excess of Workshop items for optimisation.