Ability to rebind the undo action

I really like this function but I also use crouch + zoom alot and that triggers undo a way to disable or rebind the function would be nice, I mostly just click on an object and use that undo button also has the redo one

Yeah I also use crouch + zoom at the same time quite a bit so something like this would be good

I don’t think this would be an issue if we weren’t having to zoom so much, but I agree. I’d still like to see a “zoom potion” or maybe some treasure-found binoculars or something that we could put on. I have to zoom a lot to see the gadget so, maybe, having a zoom-in item would make it easier.


I prefer the Z to zoom a lot more. Having to put on an item would be a pain, especially when you try to zoom in and forget to have it equipped.

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There already is a zoom in item kinda the camera you can zoom with right click tho I would rather have it on Z, The undo shortcut isn’t anything I need really

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I also use Z to zoom alot. This would also give us alot more choice, as it is basically overlapping a key right now.

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Same, the undo feature has caused me more grief when trying to get a look at something than is has saved me from while building.

Would it be that much harder to press 1, 2, or 3 to zoom in or out than it would be to re-learn the universal Undo of CTRL + Z?

It would still be annoying whenever you forget to press the buttons. And plus, I have a lot of pets equipped so I do not have very many weapon slots.

I think we are gonna move the undo button.


This is now resolved in the next update.

  • Moved the undo/redo key to F1 and F2 to avoid accidental inputs and added a way to rebind these keys to anything within the input settings.

Thank you this is very helpful keep up the good work

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