Ability to preview different cosmetics and update objects

I just managed to upload my first playermodel in TU. What a ride.
I noticed a few things.
When changing the positions, rotation and scale of cosmetics to work with the model, you cannot edit face objects. Now the cigaratte is still floating weirdly off on my character. Also, it would be helpfull if you can preview different cosmetics instead of just 1 hat or glasses. I thought my waist editing was correct, because the preview object that I had, the big floating ring, fit. But then the hawaii clothing I actually had clipped alot.

Also, it would be VERY nice if you can actually update your workshop object. I had to fully reupload it now, and delete the old one, by then some people already downloaded my old version. If it could simply update the already existing workshop object, you dont have to make everything perfect after 1 go.
The Preview for the menu object generally lacked the feeling that you really see how it will look later on.

It’s possible to update a workshop object; just go to the “my uploads” tab in the workshop editor, click on the item you want to update, and select the file under “my imports” that you want to replace your model with (i.e. the workshop model but with updated metadata). You will have to clear your cache after doing so, though, or else it won’t properly update (unequip the model, if it’s a workshop playermodel, clear cache under the “content” menu under settings, and then restart the game).