Ability to Override Boot into Condo

I wanted to suggest this after I saw some players discussing ‘immersion’ for Tower Unite.

Have there be an option in the menu’s settings, where on Tower Unite startup, rather than going immediately to the main menu, instead boot straight to loading a specific condo.

If enabled, you’ll have access to a dropdown for all avaiable condos you own.
Additionally, if you’d like the condo to be singleplayer, friends only or public.
So let’s say we pick Smooth Dirt and Singleplayer.
Next time I boot up Tower Unite, it’ll immediately boot up Smooth Dirt with my last autosave data.

This feature is primarily for those that are a bit nostalgic for how GMT handled menus.
(in which there was very little).
And instead want to access Tower Unite’s features physically; like entering the plaza by going to your condo exit door. Or returning to your condo through the plaza’s CondoHub.

This is an interesting idea. I support it :slight_smile: There could be another variant of this setting/option that would boot straight into Plaza rather than Condo or main menu. What do you think?


I like that a lot!
I figure a ‘override boot’ for plaza and condos would be a perfect substitute for those who don’t like how everything can be accessed with menus. And want a return to a more ‘physical’ way to interact with Tower Unite’s activities.