Ability to "Link" Furniture Together

Say I just finished putting together an elaborate bookshelf setup with arrangements of books and a few other knick-knacks, but when I step back to take in how it looks with the whole room it turns out to be a bit misaligned.

As it stands (or rather as far as I’m aware) the only way to rectifiy this would be to move each individual object into place. It would be nice if you could link furniture together so it would be possible to move the whole display in one go. Ideally this would not be limited to objects that are touching, that way any sort of arrangement (like a table and chairs) can be adjusted as painlessly as possible.

This is a proposed idea in the back of our minds for the Advanced Condo Building tools.


what do you say, @Link? You agree?

I specifically didn’t reply to this thread for the punnn