Ability to earn money in condos

There’s typically 3 types of players. Balanced, Mainly Plaza/Game Worlds, and Mainly Condo Building/Hosting. Thing us, the builder/hosts spend all their money on build stuff, and are now poor. They could close a while and go grind in plaza, but there’s people in their condo. Are they to just push those poor folk out onto the cold streets so they can go line their pockets? That’s no way to treat guests! Everything in the plaza makes you money, nothing in the condos does. Is this fair? Nay, I say!

My condos are for entertainment only, so I’d like to keep any “donations” virtual in the game’s ecosystem. I’ve turned down a lot of people asking for any paypal, cashapp, venmo, etc they can donate to. I always tell them if they’re trying to spend cash, go do the Backer thing on TU. A condo monetary system in game would, in my opinion, mitigate the amount of times this happens. I’d rather if people are going to spending money in this game, that it goes to the people that made it.

So yeah, some sort of monetary system would be nice. Here are some thoughts I have on ways you could allow condo hosts, and even their visitors, to earn a little bit of money while hosting or condo hopping.

  • Cover Charge/Ticket System. Host can set an entrance free that people would pay upon joining the condo, ideally after a prompt asking to confirm. This would cover their entry into the condo for 24 hours, for people that DC a lot.

  • Vending Condo Items. Items like the soda vending machine, but actually function like one of the food shops. I have a couple of thoughts on different setups.
    1: The machine inventory could run off the host’s actual item inventory. Making them have to stock up before hosting, though. It also would open things up to like a TU eBay if item restrictions weren’t applied.
    2: Have the machine operate like a shop for the players, where the money goes to the host, but the host needs to go over to it when it’s empty and manually refill it, which costs money (less than we sell for, obviously).

  • Pool Table Payouts. Simple premise, just have the condo pool tables payout like you’re playing it in one of the plaza areas.

  • Bowling Lanes. Condo bowling lanes is on my wish list, because why not? It’s definitely doable, and I after seeing what you guys did on SDNL, this would be light work. Also would pay out units like you were bowling in the plaza. (But not EXP, that has to be earned on regulation lanes.)

  • Condo Fishing. However you wanna do this one I’m good with. I picture some sort of larger item, you can place that has water in it you can fish in, a grassy mound with a pond in the middle, a big circle or oval industrial sized pool we have to decorate around ourselves. Being able to need a few small fish for an aquarium and running over to the fishing spot to try and catch some. Selling the ones you don’t want. Of course, just like the others above, no EXP awarded.

  • EXP Overflow Conversion. Condo (and for that matter even the main plaza) EXP should convert to units after being maxed out. Experience maxed at 1 million, I have 8 million. Why even keep giving me it? lol Even at a 50% rate that’s 3.5 million units, even 25% rate at 1.75 million units is still a bit of dough to drip in over time. It’d be a nice way to be like "hey, you play our game a lot, thanks for stickin’ with us.

  • Coin-Op Mode on Arcades I just put this one in for fun really. It’d be more of a novelty thing for someone with a “machine in the corner” type condo. Doing this in a condo like mine would be rather dickish, lol.

So that’s just a few things I’ve thought about. I do really want condo bowling lanes, even is they don’t pay us. I’m sure other people will comment with other creative ideas. In summary, more money is good, people with money do more stuff, condo builders are poor, give us more money. (I am fully aware of the irony of that considering the TU “net worth” of my main condos).

If you got this far, thanks! If you didn’t, I don’t blame you, that’s a lot of stuff up there.

OuTSMoKE (Dr. Peter Venkman)

PS: If it doesn’t say Gary Lang on the back, you probably paid too much.

I kinda disagree with plaza-like minigames that you can earn units. I feel like it desensitizes actually playing the other parts of the games. I feel like it could be easily used for some sort of unit farm, or players that constantly dwell in their condos and rarely interact outside of it.

However with that said, what I wouldn’t mind is a unit donation system, even if it had a hard unit limit (so someone couldn’t donate 2 billion units at once). People work hard on their condos, and being able to show appreciation is nice. Although I can see the devs dismissing the idea because it could easily be used for unit trading which the devs if I recall don’t want any player trading.

Regardless, making money in this game is incredibly easy. Playing a bit of the casino or some minigames with friends can earn you bank pretty fast. I do feel like payouts need some balancing, because some methods are just objectively better than others.


I believe the devs have mentioned before that they don’t want to institute something like this because Condos are localized instances hosted on a user’s own PC, which leaves room for people to cheat units in for themselves and others.

While I don’t disagree with the idea to have some things like that in Condos, it’s highly unlikely anything outside a donation box would be made.

Perhaps one day, though, there might be a way to do such, but only if the Devs can make sure it’s cheat-proof.

Mmm I see, yeah that could definitely be an issue.

People already trade Units via the casino through Blackjack, albeit it’s fairly tedious to do.

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I think a lot of this isn’t feasible but a donation box would be pretty cool.


Other platforms have had Pay to Play and Pay to Enter systems, but most removed them pretty quickly because it was too easy to abuse. Once you have the ability to transfer items and currency, it opens up a whole realm of moderation concerns that TU would have to be prepared for.

It could work though if the currency was limited to the specific instance like Roblox, though. For example, you play a minigame in a condo and over time you can “unlock” other features or items to use in that instance with its own currency.

I do like the idea of EXP overflow, though. It would give people who’ve maxed out EXP a reason to keep participating in events and hang out on the platform.

Also, being able to have private instances for games like pool and bowling would be super useful if there was a group or guild feature. That way you could have like a “guild pool hall” and organize events around particular games.

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